The borrower receives an application decision within a few moments, which is particularly important if he has to borrow something quickly, ie he makes an express loan application. As a rule, these are not banks, but specialists who have concentrated entirely on mini and small loans.

For new customers there is also the possibility of a free express transfer (standard fee). The quick payment of a small loan depends on various factors. First, of course, it depends on the provider, for example some credit intermediaries have an “express” option that speeds up the payment process, but the loan is a little more expensive.

Installment payment credit express

Installment payment

CLV stands for “Customer Lifetime Value” – a powerful marketing tool that electrifies companies in the United States by warning consumer advocates, because even in US economic history with its continuing data scandals, it has probably never had a similar big assault on the privacy of thousands given by air, telephone, retail and other consumer customers. the CLV is a powerful marketing tool.

American Express offers you many additional services in the area of ​​credit cards. However, tickets are accepted less frequently than Mastercard and Visa cards. Unlike its competitors, American Express issues its own prepaid cards and sets the conditions. If the lost business card goes down, it must be blocked by the consumer. 

The same applies to the Black Credit Card developed by American Express (Amex), which has become known for its rich users. Nevertheless, Amex is not as important in Germany as Mastercard or Visual. Amex reports on several hundred thousand acceptance points in Germany, but does not provide any further information about payment options, for example in Europe.

The cards should also be accepted at at least 860,000 ATMs. According to the Visa and Mastercard, they are accepted on two million machines around the world. You can also use American Express cards to make contactless payments via near field communication (NFC). This is possible up to an amount of USD 25 without a pen or signature, the customer only has to attach the business card to the reader.

You pay for higher amounts by inserting the Amex credit card into the corresponding device at the checkout. The credit card can be lost or taken away. American Express customers are liable for up to USD 50 up to the time of notification of credit card misuse.

Credit card includes various additional services

Credit card includes various additional services

Similar to Visa and Mastercard, Amex also secures credit card holders via a so-called 3-D Secure process for online shopping. The aim of the procedure is to prevent unauthorized persons from buying with the card. In addition to the card details, the customer also enters a tan or a password in the online shop. The Amex calls its own American Express Safekey procedure. Amex has a wide range of cards for private and corporate customers.

American Express differs from Visa and Mastercard in one respect. The competition doesn’t issue its credit card itself, that’s what other credit institutions do. On the other hand, Amex issues the card itself and determines the conditions. American Express also cooperates with cooperation partners such as BMW and Sixt.

Refund is also the only free Amex card. American Express also offers a variety of additional services for its credit card. With just a few passports, the customer can also collect for his American Express membership and exchange it later for rewards. The best known is the American Express Black Credit Card, the American Express Centurion Card.

The customer receives them only on request and cannot apply for them. Amex has not published what quality requirements the customer has to make, but that is likely to be high revenue or assets and high Amex credit card sales in previous years. As is usual with platinum credit cards, the credit card includes various additional services, such as a concierge service or a “personal shopper” who has bought for his customers in the luxury boutiques of the Hanseatic city.

In addition to credit card payments, American Express also offers travel and insurance services. In the insurance industry, e.g. B. Dental supplementary insurance, international health insurance or legal protection insurance offered. Our tip: Keep up to date with American Express with our free newsletter! When American Express was founded in 1850, the company was still an express delivery service, which is still reflected in its company name today.

With postal orders in 1882 and 1891 with the American Express Traveler’s Checks, money products came into focus. In 1958, Amex finally started issuing cards. American Express is now a stock corporation with a net total of $ 160 billion as of 2015. According to the company, 118 million American Express cards are used. Credit card payments are often high.